Cooperation and responsibility

Cooperation and responsibility

Cooperation and responsibility

Cooperation and responsibility

Cooperation and responsibility

Cooperation and responsibility

About Us

IRIS company has been in the plastics processing industry since 2001. We manufacture high end packaging products of interesting design and functionality. Our experience, professionalism and attention to detail is a guarantee of the highest quality of products. Our machinery park consists of only electrical injection molding machines, which ensure repeatability and precision of production process.

We manufacture packaging products for the following branches:


To offer comprehensive and professional services in the field of plastic packaging production. To develop business relationships based on experience, reliable deliveries of high quality products, and excellent customer service. To run our business in a sustainable way.



– Innovative approach to products
– Excellent customer service
– Sustainable development
– Respect
– Reliability
– Support creativity
– Team building


We are a comprehensive supplier for our customers. We have our own product designs and we make new designs according to customer’s demands. We work with a local toolshop so that we can monitor the production of the mold and make changes at every stage of production. We optimize the production process, decorate the surface of the elements, and make assembly so that projects realized in our plant can meet the expectations of our customers.

Product design

We design products according to the customer's idea and expectations, we also have a wide range of our own designs of products...

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Design and manufacturing of injection mold

Injection molds are designed in our factory and the production takes place in the local tool shop...

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2K injection molding

We have experience in 2k injection molding. In case of our products we use 2K injection in our boxes for wet wipes...

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Surface decorating

As a complex supplier, we offer surface decoration. Popular way of product decoration is IML (In Mold Labelling) due to durability and good quality of the label...

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Our products reach millions of homes worldwide, their users are adults and children. That is why we feel great responsibility for the excellent quality and safety of our products. We continually improve the production process and the quality control methods.

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Sustainable development

The idea of sustainable development has always been on of basic value for IRIS company. We undertake each of our actions responsibly and taking into account the impact of our operations on the environment. Pro-ecological approach to business is noticeable in every sphere of the company’s activity:


Within the frames of internal policy of sustainable development, we decided to purchase only electric injection machines that consume up to 60% less electricity than conventional hydraulic injection molding machines.


The issue of sustainable business is close both to us and to our customers, so we strive to work out economically and environmentally-friendly solutions.


Sustainable development in functioning of the company is manifested by management’s responsible decisions from economic and social point of view.

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